Pool Leak Repairs

Swimming Pool Leak Repairs

Too often in Florida, swimming pool owners may question whether the water levels of their pool seem to be reducing at a higher rate than is expected. Evaporation is a natural occurrence, and loss of water due to excessive splashing or play is common.  However, water loss that seems continuous and abnormal could prove to be something more threatening and, unfortunately, costly, such as a leak.



We Detect, We Protect

Swimming pools require upkeep and maintenance year-round, and a pool leak can be an unplanned and unwelcome expense. Key to solving this problem is quick action when a swimming pool leak is suspected. At Advanced Leak Detection, our certified, professional technicians have the skill, knowledge and wherewithal to safely evaluate and determine any possibly leaks.



Don’t Worry, We Don’t Just Find Leaks, We Repair Them, Too

Leaks do not just drain water from your pool. They drain money from your bank account, too. The longer a swimming pool leak is left to fester without repair, the greater an owner’s water bill climbs. Our company is committed to helping our clients combat these pesky inconveniences. Once our trained specialists have verified the existence and cause, we fix it with our tried and tested leak repair methods, and advise you on any further action you may need to take.

We have the time, experience, and expertise to get the job done.


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