Water Leak Test

 Pool leak or normal evaporation?

All pools lose some water due to evaporation. The challenge is to find out if the drop in the pool water level is because of a pool leak or just normal evaporation. We strongly encourage all potential pool leak customers to perform this simple test prior to scheduling a pool leak detection.

Follow the instructions below to determine if your water loss is a leak in the pool or normal evaporation.

  1. Place a almost full (within about an inch of the top) bucket of water on the first or second step of your pool.
  2. With a pencil or piece of tape, mark the water level in the bucket.
  3. Turn off the pool pump and let the water settle.
  4. Remove the skimmer lid and make a short pencil line at the current water level somewhere on the plastic skimmer body.
  5. After 24 hours, find the drop in water level in both the bucket and pool by measuring the space between each mark and the new water level.


What was the test result?

If the water drop in the bucket and pool is the same or very close after 24 hours, you likely do not have a pool leak. General rule of thumb is that most pools will lose around 1/8 of an inch per day due to normal evaporation. Pools in breezy locations may lose more. Heated water and the measure of relative humidity will also have an effect on pool water evaporation levels.

If your pool is losing a 1/4 inch more than the bucket in a 24 hour period, it’s very likely that your pool may have a leak. We are happy to help you decide over the phone whether or not you should schedule us for a leak detection. There is no charge for this consultation.

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